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We are a 10 Year old one stop web solution provider firm. A comprehensive Internet marketing firm founded in 2000. Our Web and SEO expert services and our professional team is always take challenge in providing expert web solution and search engine optimization services to a wide range of businesses. We specializes in providing cost effective search engine optimization services to the clients from United States of America, Canada and even the international clients from UK and Europe.

We had started as an internet marketing consultants in 2000 in India-Delhi and have been providing different type of web and internet marketing solutions and strategies, web promotion and website marketing services to many of corporate, Portals, Travel Company, Information Technology Firms, Real Estate Companies and other businesses in India, US, UK, Canada and other part of the globe.

  • Who we are:
  • In last 10 year of experience what we see that web and SEO firms are mushrooming globally as it take nothing to start a SEO firm. Just book a domain, make a decent website and you are done. They read many SEO books and does not use HUMAN Intelligence to take corrective measures to achieve highest level of goals. They can only perform the SEO activity but most of them do not know what that means and how it can be done effectively. To our surprise many firm just add many un-necessary SEO activities, even is some one do not require the same.

    SO what is so different in us then all these companies?

  • Our SEO Technology:
  • We have 10 year of Hard core experience and we do not sale SEO ate same cost to all for all type of keywords. We offer best SEO activity and we care fully plan for SEO strategy for every client. By virtue of our 10 year of expertise what we come up with a unique technology which calculate website and keyword on 10 point scale and rate them before deciding that a keyword can be ranked or not.

    As the market is global and there is no good way to know how to check on right Web and SEO firm.

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So how you can choose right company? Few points to consider

There are many activities for SEO and for all keyword it is not necessary to do all activity. Choose right mix for SEO to cut down the cost. Put SEO in phase wise manner. Get normal SEO for Moderate keyword first at low cost, and then ask for competitive keywords and pay for Off page Activity if it is at all required.

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